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    At Charter Fleet Marine Company, We Are Committed To Ensuring That Our Customers Have Not Only The Best Boating Experiences But Also The Knowledge And Skills To Make Those Experiences Safe And Enjoyable. To That End, We Offer Comprehensive Boating Lessons And Skippering Content Designed To Empower Our Customers With The Skills Needed To Navigate The Waters Confidently. Here's A Glimpse Of What We Offer And During Our Time Together On-Board Your Boat We Will Cover.

    Boat Safety Basics:

    Safety Is Paramount In Boating. Our Lessons Cover Essential Safety Practices, Including Life Jacket Usage, Emergency Procedures, And How To Handle Unexpected Situations On The Water.

    We Provide Guidance On Understanding Weather Conditions And How To Make Informed Decisions About When It's Safe To Sail Or When It's Better To Stay Ashore.

    Navigation Skills:

    Learning To Navigate Is A Fundamental Skill For Any Skipper. Our Lessons Include Hands-On Training In Chart Reading, GPS Usage, And Understanding Nautical Charts.

    We Teach You How To Plot Courses, Take Bearings, And Use Aids To Navigation Effectively.

    Maneuvering and Docking:

    Docking Can Be One Of The Trickiest Aspects Of Boating. We Provide Step-By-Step Instruction On Approaching And Docking At Different Types Of Docks And In Varying Conditions.

    You'll Learn How To Handle Your Vessel Confidently In Close Quarters And Adverse Situations.

    Rules of the Water:

    Understanding The "Rules Of The Road" On The Water Is Crucial For Safety And Courtesy. Our Lessons Cover Right-Of-Way Rules, Passing, And Communication With Other Vessels.

    We Emphasize The Importance Of Responsible Boating Behavior And Etiquette.

    Emergency Preparedness:

    Accidents Can Happen, But Being Prepared Makes All The Difference. We Educate Our Customers On Essential First Aid Skills And How To Use Safety Equipment Effectively.

    You'll Learn How To Handle Emergencies Such As Fires, Grounding, Or Medical Issues While On The Water.

    Charter Fleet Marine -Specific Training:

    Our Skippering Content Is Tailored To The Vessels In Our Fleet. We Provide In-Depth Training On The Specific Features And Systems Of The Boats You Will Be Skippering.

    You'll Feel Confident In Operating And Maintaining Your Own Vessel.

    Local Knowledge:

    We Share Insights Into The Local Waters, Including Popular Destinations, Hidden Gems, And Any Specific Regulations Or Guidelines In The Areas Where Charter Fleet Marine Operates.

    Charter Fleet Marine, We Believe That Responsible Boating Goes Hand-In-Hand With Memorable Adventures. Our Boating Lessons And Skippering Content Are Designed To Empower Our Customers With The Skills And Knowledge They Need To Have Safe, Enjoyable, And Fulfilling Experiences On The Water. Whether You're A Seasoned Sailor Or New To Boating, Our Training Will Enhance Your Abilities And Enrich Your Time On Your Vessels. Your Safety And Satisfaction Are Our Top Priorities.